Flooding is a potential "global" state that is caused by throwing water essence at the wall, or a few other possibilities involving the gods. It is countered by a state of fieryness.


Flooding has a total of 40 possible levels. At various levels, functionality is lost, and drowning is definitely a major concern when the water level goes exceedingly high.

Level 1: Water can be collected anywhere.

Level 3: Mining is unsafe.

Level 4: You may not access your chests safely.

Level 5: Nurturing seedlings is unsafe.

Level 10: Altars cannot be accessed.

Level 15: Some sort of floation is required in order to not drown.

Level 18: Hunting now results in fish and other aquatic animals.

Level 20: Trees are now submerged and cannot be accessed.

Level 25: One must use specialized diving equipment to dive for scrap piles.

Level 35: Manmade structures and buildings are destroyed.

Level 40: The flood begins to rapidly dissipate if it has not already.

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