HS, or Hasselt, is the God of Mining.

Passive EffectsEdit

Passive: Adding pickaxes to the altar increases your piety by a variable amount depending on the quality of the pickaxe. Adding damaged pickaxes to the altar decreases your piety.

Prayer Bonus: Every time you mine, you gain 1 piety. You gain one additional mining action.

Penalty:  Triggered by going negative piety or by renouncing the god (stopping prayer of the god or praying to another god). Set piety to zero, and renounce this god (does not trigger penalty again). You are unable to mine for 5 turns.


Ironforge Picks: (18 / +62 / +220 piety) Your picks are more durable, and can resist more instances of hitting harder materials.

Classification: (100 piety) All minerals in your mine are identified.

Multitools: (55 piety) Your other tools can now be used as picks (except for altar purposes). Using them for mining removes the ability to use them for their intended purpose for that turn, and vice versa.

[REPEAT] Potion of Night Vision: (4+t piety) Anything that you mine will be seen for 1 turn. (It stays in sight forever)

[REPEAT] Black Powder: (12+2*t piety) Gain some black powder. It looks possibly explosive and could be

[REPEAT] Potion of Celerity: (15+20*s+4*t piety) Hasselt gifts you a potion of celerity, refreshing the cooldown of your pick. The cost is reset to 15+4*t where t is the number of times that you have already received a potion. s is the number of times that you have invoked this action this turn. 

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