NR, or the Necromancer, is the Magician of the Dead. Bury stuff, get piety.

Passive EffectsEdit

Passive: +0.4-2.0 piety for burying corpses. Half piety gain for burying bones and skulls.

Prayer Bonus: Burial of corpses grant +20-+100 flat score. Burial of one corpse also increases the number of ticks of "Impending Death" by 1.

Restrictions: The Necromancer also wants your corpse. Entering pact with NR gives you a buff "Impending Death" that takes 4 turns and ticks downward. If this buff expires, you die and are freed from NR with no additional penalties.

Penalty:  Triggered by going negative piety (well, really, impossible) OR by renouncing the god (no longer praying to NR). You are immediately killed.

Non-egotistic: The Necromancer does not care if you pray to another god at the same time. He does want continued devotion though, so there's that.


Decay Factory (4 / +16 / +80 piety) Every corpse buried grants +3 / 8 / 14 points per update cycle.

Fire Resistance (15 / +85 piety) Damage from lava is halved / negated.

[REPEAT] Pestilence: (10+8x piety) Target a player. They lose 20% of their score every turn for 2+x turns.

[REPEAT] Bone Armor: (9+4s piety) Gain one stack of "Bone Armor", which completely negates one source of damage (cannot block lava or "Impending Death")

[REPEAT, CONSUMABLE] Death Defied: (140 piety) Gain effect "Death Defied". If you die by means other than an insta-smite by NR, you are reanimated with 20*piety points, and lose the effect. This effect lasts until you die.

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