PC, or Procentis, god of existence, loves to see points!

Passive EffectsEdit

Passive: If you gain at least 25 points, gain ceiling(log_2(N/25)) piety, where N is the number of points acquired this turn.

Prayer Bonus: Gain an additional floor(P)/10 piety, where P is the amount of piety you have. This is usually applied first, but may be applied later on your first prayer.

Restrictions: Lose ceiling(P/10) piety if you have positive piety and fail to gain any points. Lose 1 piety for performing actions on the god that are specific to other gods.

Penalty:  Triggered by going negative piety OR by renouncing the god (praying to a different god). Set piety to zero, and renounce this god (does not trigger penalty again). Reduce points by 50%.


Anti-Wall Arms: (10 / +40 / +200 piety) Throwing things at the wall is amplified by 20% / 50% / 100%.

Throwing Objectives: (10 / +40 / +200 piety) For each thing thrown at the wall, gain a bonus +1 / +3 / +6.

Synergism: (100 piety) Any bonus from compounding both Anti-Wall Arms and Objective Throwing is tripled.

[REPEAT] Compound Interest: (10*2^r piety) Instantly gain 50% of your points in points.

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