SV, or Saveria, is the Goddess of Deceit and Sleight.

Passive EffectsEdit

Passive: Every time that you loot an object, +1 piety.

Prayer Bonus: Your attacks are swift, and are not retaliated unless the defender specifies (for which this takes up an attack action by the defender)

Restrictions: Dropping an item due to going over inventory limit reduces piety by 3.

Penalty:  Triggered by going negative piety OR by renouncing the god (praying to a different god). Set piety to zero, and renounce this god (does not trigger penalty again). Gain a debuff "Slow" for 7 turns that reduces your DEX by the number of stacks of Slow. 


Saverian Dexterity (4 / +16 / +80 piety): You feel nimbler, granting you an intrinsic +2 / +5 / +9 DEX.

Double Strike (4 / +16 / +80 piety): Attacks in general have a 10% / 25% / 45% chance of attacking again, redealing any on-hit effects.

Precise Pickpocketing (30 piety): You may specify an item to loot from loot piles.

[REPEAT] Cloak of Illusion (15+5x piety): You get a Cloak of Illusion in your inventory, allowing you to escape from an attack sequence.

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