TR, or Trogor, is the God of War and Glory.

Passive EffectsEdit

Passive: Gain +1 piety for hitting a player. Gain an additional +1 piety for killing a player.

Prayer Bonus: Gain an additional attack action.

Restrictions: Dying results in being renounced.

Penalty:  Triggered by going negative piety OR by renouncing the god (praying to a different god). Set piety to zero, and renounce this god (does not trigger penalty again). Gain a debuff "Weakness" that reduces your STR by the number of stacks of Weakness. 


Strength of Trogor (5 / +20 / +100 piety): Trogor imbues his strength within you, granting you an intrinsic +2 / +5 / +9 STR.

Penetrating Strike (5 / +20 / +100 piety): Deal an incisive blow to your opponents, striking them for an additional 3% / 7% / 12% of their total points.

Plunder (45 piety): Increase looting limit from enemy deaths from 2 to 4.

[REPEAT] Warpath (8+2s piety): Gain an additional attack action. Cost resets back to 8 piety every turn.

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