We have 79 pages, as of last count. This means:

We are 11.27% the size of PvZ wiki (8.87 times smaller)

We are 4.185% the size of LoL wiki (23.9 times smaller)

We are 0.249% the size of Uncyclopedia (400 times smaller)

We are 0.00173% the size of Wikipedia (en) (57500 times smaller)


<US!>: 79 pages

Desktop Dungeons: 239 pages

DDR Wiki: 516 pages

Plants vs Zombies: 701 pages

Dwarf Fortress Wiki: 1813 pages

League of Legends Wiki: 1816 pages

Nethack Wiki: 2335 pages

Terraria Wiki: 2519 pages

Minecraft Wiki: 2962 pages

Cybernations Wiki: 11760 pages

KoL Wiki: 12226 pages

Uncyclopedia: 30423 pages


I don't know, I'm bored.

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